Computer Dude, Tucson

Remote or in-home/office Computer Repair, Computer Tutoring, Computer purchasing/buying help, since 1998.

Remote Repair

$30 hour
Remote repair is prepaid by the hour.
To get started download Aero Admin, my remote repair software.

At your location

$50 hour
I repair computers! I tutor. Software updates, driver problems, and most any upgrade you can want.


In Person or Remote Shopping Assistance. Rack a techies brain when you shop technology. Learn more.

Tutor, Fix, Learn at Rincon Market

$30 hour
Good for tutoring or to watch / learn. Appropriate for laptops, pads, smartphones. Contact me if unsure. Rincon Market is N/W corner of 6th St. & Tucson Blvd.

Drop-off near
Rincon Market

$30 hour

Drop off, then come back later to pickup. Location is near 6th St. & Tucson Blvd.



2 thoughts on “Computer Dude, Tucson”

  1. About a month ago my Dell Inspiron laptop displayed the “Windows blue screen of death ” and stopped working. I took it to a computer repair place and was told that it needed a new harddrive. After the new harddrive was installed it worked for a couple of days and then displayed the dell diagnostic screen and didn’t move on from there. I took the computer back to the repair place three more times, always with the same result: it worked well for a couple of days and then stopped. The repair place told me that they now think it’s the motherboard but don’t seem to be sure of this. They are willing to pay for a second opinion. Could you please let me know how much it would cost to have it checked out.


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