Computer Dude, Tucson

New Lower Rates. Remote or in-home/office Computer Repair, Tutoring, purchasing/buying help, since 1998.

Remote Repair

$30 hour

Remote repair is prepaid by the hour.
To get started download Aero Admin, my remote repair software.

At your location

$40 hour


In Person or Remote Shopping Assistance. Rack a techies brain when you shop technology.
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Tutor, Fix, Learn
at Rincon Market

$30 hour

Meet at Rincon Market. Good if you want tutoring, or to watch & learn.

Appropriate for laptops, pads, smartphones. Contact me if unsure.

Location: n/e corner of 6th St. & Tucson Blvd.

Prepaid Paid
Consulting (telephone)

$25 hour, prepaid.

Click here to prepay for Talk Time.

Drop-off near
Rincon Market

$30 hour

Drop off, then come back later to pickup.

Location: 6th St. & Tucson Blvd.