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Barter with Tucson Computer Dude

What I can do for you

Computer Repair

  • Remote or in-person/home/office computer repair.
  • Fix Malware & Virus laden SLOW computers.
  • Help you buy locally, go shopping w/ you, and setup at home/office.
  • Upgrade older computers Operatiing System.
  • Upgrade old trusted computers Hardware.
  • Computer Tutoring

Website Maintanence

  • Maintaining or repairing your Website.
  • Update website text or pictures.
  • Make site mobile ready. (Wordpress only)
  • Setup Domain names, website hosting.
  • Email setup of your domain name.
  • And many other tasks.
Al Guevara

These are just some of the computer maintanance tasks or website work I can do for you, you'll undoublty have many more needs.

Contact me to Barter - Al Guevara

Telephone 520-304-9066

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